Adobe: Photoshop Pirates Aren’t Bad People Who Like to Steal Things

This week Adobe announced a change in the way it does business, shifting away from boxed products and towards a cloud-based subscription model. The company hopes that those currently pirating its products will find the changes more affordable and find themselves encouraged to jump aboard the paid-train.

The days of obtaining new Adobe products such as Photoshop or its full Creative Suite in traditional boxes will soon be over. The company will focus on its Creative Cloud service which will require users to pay a monthly subscription.

Adobe’s products have been widely pirated over the years and already there are discussions on how the company’s new offering might be obtained for free. However, Adobe thinks that its new product will be more accessible and provide better value, leading to those currently using unauthorized copies to shift to a paid model.

“We believe in fighting piracy of software by making the right software for the right people at the right price,” said Adobe’s David Wadhwani.

“One of the things we noticed when we switched to the new model is that people who never bought software from Adobe – such as those using pirated software – now know that they can afford it.”

An analysis by CNet suggests that prices aren’t going to be dramatically different than in the past, but paying month by month might ease the burden for those who don’t have the money up front.

“I do not think people who pirate our software do it because they are bad people, or because they like to steal things,” Wadhwani said.

“I just think that they decided that they can not afford it. And now, with the switch to subscriptions and with the ability to offer software at a cheaper price, we see that the situation is beginning to change and we’re excited.”


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