UFC Wants $320K From Gym That Played Fights Without Permission

In its continuing battle to squeeze every last dollar from its PPV events, the UFC has filed a lawsuit against a gym which unlawfully screened one of their events.

The target in the lawsuit is Without Limits MMA, a gym in Batesville, AR along with its owner Matt Sellers.

Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, the complaint claims that Without Limits offered the UFC 126 “Silva v Belfort” event without the correct permission.

For “willful” infringement of its rights, UFC is claiming the maximum possible damages of $320,000.

If the event had been obtained legally, it would have cost Without Limits between $500-$1500, hundreds of times less than the damages being claimed by UFC.

Despite the efforts by the UFC to stamp out piracy of its events, both in commercial and private settings, the Zuffa-owned company is fighting a losing battle.

This past weekend TorrentFreak monitored the availability of free illicit streams for the UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber event broadcast from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Although Zuffa did take a few down during the evening, a couple of dozen remained up throughout the event.


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