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UFC Just Sent the Most Embarrassing DMCA Notice Ever

We've seen dozens of erroneous DMCA takedown notices in recent years, many of which have caused their senders embarrassment. However, notices sent to Google last week by an anti-piracy company working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship are the most cringe-worthy yet, and a direct result of a carpet-bombing approach to…

Alleged $32 Million UFC Pirate Speaks Out

Last week Zuffa launched a huge $32 million lawsuit against 'Secludedly', a person said to have uploaded more than 120 UFC shows online. Today, TorrentFreak speaks with Steven Messina, the guy named by Zuffa in its biggest piracy lawsuit yet. Messina's in the red corner, weighing in with spare change…

Can You Be Sued For Simply Watching An Illegal Video Stream?

Every single day millions of people watch video streams on the Internet, but while some streaming services provide authorized material, it's inevitable that others will offer illegal content too. So, when people click then watch a stream of unauthorized material online, are they committing an offense? According to an intriguing…

UFC Set To Beat Up Internet Pirates, RIAA-Style

In December 2009, Ultimate Fighting Championship CEO Lorenzo Fertitta testified at a hearing of the US House Judiciary Committee, claiming that the UFC is losing millions to online piracy. Now, in an RIAA-style escalation, the company says it will not only start suing sites, but also individual downloaders.

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