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Two weeks ago, Prison Break season 4 ended in the US, and many fans were left in the dark about what happened to Scofield. Even though episode 23 and 24 of Prison Break never aired on US television they are available on BitTorrent, and that didn't go unnoticed to the millions of of dedicated followers of the show.

24Every week we take a look at the most downloaded TV-Shows on BitTorrent. This off-season week is an unusual one, as the final two episodes of Prison Break that never aired on US television were downloaded by nearly 2 million people.

Unlike the regular episodes these last two were never aired by Fox on US television, this also shows in the download statistics. Up to 25 percent of the downloads came from the US compared to little over 5 percent for the other episodes that did air on television.

Episode 23 and 24 of the fourth Prison Break season are available on BitTorrent because some non-US networks did decide to air them. ‘Prison Break: The Final Break’, as the final two episodes are called, is scheduled for a (ca-ching) DVD release in the US on July 21.

The data for the most downloaded TV episodes of this week are listed below. The data are collected by TorrentFreak from a representative sample of BitTorrent sites and is for informational and educational reference only.

Most Downloads (recent episodes)

May 25 – May 31
ranking (prev) show est. downloads
1 (…) Prison Break: The Final Break 1,930,000
2 (8) Breaking Bad 380,000
3 (…) Reaper 365,000
4 (…) Medium 360,000
5 (…) Mythbusters 340,000
6 (…) Mental 310,000
7 (…) Greek 300,000
8 (7) Legend of the Seeker 290,000
9 (…) The Tudors 270,000
10 (9) Primeval 260,000


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