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One of the oldest torrent sites on the Internet has permanently closed its doors. The private torrent tracker shut down due to "recent events," leaving a large community of dedicated users behind.

For well over a decade has served TV fans from all over the world. The site started in 2003 as a public torrent index and later transformed into one of the best known private trackers.

In recent months, however, the site has suffered frequent outages. Citing hosting problems and technical failures, TVTorrents suffered weeks of downtime.

In a surprise announcement today, the TVTorrent’s owners mark the end of the road for the troubled site. Without providing any background to their decision, the site has shut down permanently.

“Due to recent events the site will not be coming back,” a message on the site’s homepage reads.

“Thanks for all the support and good times throughout the years. For all the haters, go hate on something else or get a life.”

The site leaves behind tens of thousands of users, some of whom have been regulars for more than 10 years. For them, there’s no other option than to find a new home.



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