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TVTorrents.com Shuts Down For Good

One of the oldest torrent sites on the Internet has permanently closed its doors. The private torrent tracker TVTorrent.com shut down due to "recent events," leaving a large community of dedicated users behind.

Popularity of Pirated TV-Shows Still Rising

Instead of switching on the TV, several million people use BitTorrent clients to catch up with their favorite TV-shows. The leading TV-torrent distribution site EZTV has more than doubled its visitors in a year, and there is no sign that this growth will stop anytime soon.

EZTV Now Accessible Under New Domain Names

In the wake of the OiNK takedown, many thousands of people started to panic today when they tried to access EZTV and instead got directed to Google. But there is no need to worry, EZTV is alive and well and now available via two new domains.

Recent Posts in Tv-Torrents