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Two weeks ago, in the aftermath of the Piratebay raid, the US equivalent of the Swedish pirate party "piratpartiet" was founded.

Today, Wired interviewed Brent Allison and Alex English the founders of the Party.

Wired: When did the party start, and who started it?Allison: The party started on June 6, 2006 with two members, myself and my friend Alex English. A couple of days later, I received around 300 e-mails from people I didn’t know expressing interest in joining and helping out. This was thanks to publicity from the original Swedish party, Piratpartiet, who found out about it when I edited their Wikipedia entry to include mention of the U.S. version I founded.

On June 9, faced with not being able to finish a dissertation, hold down a job and lead a rapidly growing party at the same time, I handed control of the party to Joshua Cowles and he appointed David Sigal as co-chairman.Read on..


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