Using BitTorrent to Generate Traffic to a Website

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BitTorrent is an easy and free way to distribute your own material over the internet. A video tutorial is available which covers using BitComet along with The PirateBay to create and publish a torrent, start to finish and in simple terms that even a novice can understand.

The tutorial, over at is aimed at people wishing to generate traffic to their website, but the same methods can be used for any motivation to publish material via BitTorrent.

From the site:

First, we all know that giving something for free – a “special report,” a demo of your software, etc. is a great way to get people to visit your site and opt-in to your list. Hopefully, you’ve thought past that and have something to sell them once they do so (a full report, ebook, software with expanded features, video series, whatever).

And free is awesome, but if you’re still starting from having absolutely no list, who do you even tell that you’ve got a free thing for them?

Here’s one method I’ve used in the past with software demos – you distribute you freebie on the torrents. Give it a catchy name and people will download it, if you’ve provided decent content they’ll like it and visit your site.


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