uTorrent Mac Beta, Now With RSS Feeds

utorrentJust a few minutes after BitTorrent Inc released a new BitTorrent client for Windows, Mac users are welcomed by one of the biggest upgrades to ‘their’ uTorrent beta.

Now available for download.

µTorrent for Mac Beta – New Features:

* µTorrent Remote: Simple, secure access to µTorrent from anywhere. No complicated network configuration required. Add and manage your torrents from any browser, mobile browser and even an Android native app.

* Feeds: Subscribe and follow torrent RSS feeds right inside µTorrent. Set up Smart Feeds to auto-magically fetch torrents and start downloads for you.

* Scheduler: Now you can set µTorrent to start, limit and stop activity at regular intervals throughout the week. This is a valuable feature for those of you stymied by metered and shared networks.

* Advanced controls and info: Want more control and information about what’s happening behind the scenes? Upgraded logging features include much more detail. Also, feel free to access the double-secret-super-advanced preferences (they’re hidden behind CMD+OPT+,). Use sparingly and wisely.


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