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BitTorrent Inc launched their rebranded version of uTorrent as BitTorrent 6.0. The good news is that uTorrent and its community will not be replaced. Not now, and not in the future.

bittorrent utorrentThe rebranded version of uTorrent looks just like the original uTorrent client, however, it now includes BitTorrent DNA. Another significant change is the absence of the built in search for sites like Mininova, Torrentz and The PirateBay. However, you can easily add those under options –> preferences.

Last year, when BitTorrent Inc acquired uTorrent, it was said that the client will continue to have its own website and community for a while. Many expected that the launch of the rebranded uTorrent client as the mainline BitTorrent client would be the end of uTorrent, but this is not the case. When we asked BitTorrent Inc CEO Ashwin Navin about the future of uTorrent and the uTorrent community he told us:

“utorrent.com and uTorrent community will exist indefinitely. It’s vibrant and growing, and we value the feedback provided in the forums a lot. It is not our plan to fold utorrent.com into bittorrent.com, but foster growth for both independently.”

Great news, but some (former) uTorrent users will always have their doubts. Ever since BitTorrent Inc took over, a lot of rumors started popping up, and uTorrent was even banned from several private BitTorrent trackers.

Most people were afraid that uTorrent was sending data to the MPAA or other anti-piracy outfits. These rumors were fueled by the fact that one of the uTorrent Beta releases was marked as a trojan by some anti-virus applications. Here at TorrentFreak we looked into the suspicious behavior reported by some of our readers, but up until now we did not find any hard evidence to support these claims. With Wireshark we tried to replicate the findings reported by some users several times, both on virtual machines and in use systems, but we didn’t find anything suspicious.

But I’m sure this won’t comfort the really paranoid people among us.


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