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Unreleased footage of the Apple TV+ hit series "Masters of the Air" appears to have accidentally leaked online. The video track of the eighth episode, which is scheduled to be released next week, showed up on pirate sites as the latest release of another Apple series, "The New Look". Pirate release groups were swift to fix the 'mistake' but, now that it's out, the leak can't be unseen.

motaOver the years, plenty of TV show episodes have leaked online in advance of their official release.

Game of Thrones had several prominent episodes come out early, sometimes several at once, and successor ‘House of the Dragon’ saw the season finale debut early.

In most cases, these leaks are broadly advertised by the pirate groups who put them online. Being the first to release a prominent leak, is a key accolade in a business where everything revolves around releasing new content faster than others.

‘Masters of the Air’ Leak

As one of the hit shows of the year, the Apple TV+ series “Masters of the Air” is a key target of pirate groups. However, the leaked episode that appeared a few hours ago wasn’t advertised as such.

Information received by TorrentFreak confirms that pirated copies of the latest episode of Apple’s series “The New Look” are not what they seem. Instead, these early pirated copies of ‘The New Look S01E05’ include the video track of an unreleased episode of another series.

These erroneous releases include video from the eighth episode of “Masters of the Air,” which is set to be released on March 8. The audio track, however, is from “The New Look”, which likely makes it a confusing watch.

There are rumors that there are also full copies available, including the leaked audio track, but we could not confirm those.

Leaked video (click for unblurred version)


It’s not clear how this ‘mistake’ came about, but it seems likely that Apple or another party accidentally put the wrong video online. This error was fixed as soon as the issue was noticed, but not before pirate groups grabbed their copies.

While some pirate release groups are eager to get leaks out to the public, the content of the release amounts to an unintentional Apple mashup and an unwatchable episode. There are subtitles available on some releases, but they’re from “The New Look.”

Many release groups were swift to fix the unusual error and released “repacks” to fix the earlier mistake. These updated releases include the correct video track, removing the inadvertent “Masters of the Air” leak. Some added comments further corroborate the error.

“Apple fucked up and put up the video for masters of the air episode 8,” we read in one of the notes that comes with a repack release.


Even if the leak was a full copy, one can only wonder how welcome it would be. The seventh episode of “Masters of the Air” is scheduled to be released this Friday and true fans typically like to follow the chronological storyline.

We reached out to Apple for a comment on the accidental leak but the company didn’t immediately reply.


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