Want to Snitch on a Movie Pirate? There’s an App For That

In addition to the usual information-based movie-focused smartphone apps that pull content from iMDb and other sources, over in India they’re taking things to the next level with a brand new product.

The iPhone application “Indian Movie Cop” not only educates users about movies in general, but also allows them to report piracy “in real time.”

The app, called IMC for short, apparently provides a number of tools to snitch on pirates, with cash rewards at the end.

“[The] information has to be processed before we take an actionable intelligence. In order to ensure convictions (of the accused), we will be looking for admissible evidence in the form of IP addresses and transfer of technology,” said a police spokesman.

Confused? Us too.

Do you have access to India’s version of Apple’s App Store? If so, please send us a review and screenshots of Indian Movie Cop, it sounds fascinating.

Update: Here’s a screenshot.


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