Warez-BB Hacked / Hijacked

Warez-BB.org, one of the largest warez forums appears to be hacked.

The regular homepage was replaced with a message from a Pakistani hacker.

According to Warez-BB their IP-address is hijacked.

“It’s not a hack, just someone hijacking our IP address and putting a generic website for every IP they replaced at the DC. ”

The problem can be fixed by adding the entries below to the hosts file. www.warez-bb.org warez-bb.org www.warez-bb.org warez-bb.org


Just a few days ago Warez-BB was highlighted in a report from the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

Here, the forum was described as a site that sustains global piracy.

“This forum site, which is reportedly based in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Sweden and is ranked among the top 700 sites globally, is described as a hub for the sharing of copyrighted works, including pre-release music. Industry efforts to remove infringing content are hampered by the very quick replacement of removed content.”

Warez-BB Hacked



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