MPAA sues company for selling pre-loaded iPods

The MPAA has launched yet another "defensive attack", this time on a small business that is pre-loading movie DVDs onto iPods and reselling them. The original DVDs of the movies that are loaded are also given to the customer.

The Piratebay finally adds TV section

It took a while, but The Piratebay finally decided to add a TV section. The Piratebay has never been the most innovative torrent site when it comes to implementing "user friendly" features, but the TV section is a great step forward. Offers Free Music Downloads, the site that was once sued for millions of dollars by record labels for copyright infringement is back to distributing free mp3s, except this time it's doing so legally.

BitTorrent sites sell up

Some of the largest BitTorrent sites on the web have decided to sell their sites to Searching Unlimited LTD. They will work together in an effort to monetize the BitTorrent search engines, and create more innovative projects.