Another Free TV-Show

Free TV-Shows are getting more popular and are expected to become the next "revolution" on the internet.

Torrent Clients Compared

A week ago I tested the 3 most popular clients (Azureus, Bitcomet, and uTorrent) to see which of the 3 performed the best.

uTorrent 1.3 Released

a href="" target="_blank">µTorrent has all the advanced feature you need, but uses less cpu and memory. The biggest change is the support for unicode.

World’s first free HDTV show

MariposaHD is the first free TVshow available in HDTV format. The show is about the "adventures" of the Mariposa girls and totally depends on BitTorrent as a distribution method.

Firefox torrent search plugins

Firefox search plugins for torrent sites are great. I created an installer for the search plugins of the best torrent sites available.