MPAA’s Anti-Piracy Dogs

Meet Lucky and Flo, the MPAA's DVD sniffing dogs. They can't tell if the DVD's are illegal (yet), but they do smell if packages contain DVD's. The two black Labradors are the newest tool in the MPAA's rather unsuccesful "war on piracy".

Snarf-It is Back, the torrent site built on the remains of the Suprnovaforums is back. New owner, same torrents. is now back online with it’s 300k torrent database and clean easy to use interface, no popups or sell out ads there. That however is the last time you will see any…

Ktorrent Supports Encryption

Ktorrent, a popular BitTorrent client for Linux now supports encryption. This makes Ktorrent the first alternative to Azureus for Linux users who suffer from throttling ISP’s. Protocol header encryption makes it harder for traffic shaping devices to recognize BitTorrent traffic, and should recover your bandwidth. Get Ktorrent over here.

Hong Kong Pirates To Be Identified

The Hong Kong movie industry won a case against four local ISP’s, making BitTorrent pirates easy targets. ISP’s must identify their customers if they download illegal material. According to Hong Kong Cable TV the ISP’s have three weeks to comply. The movie companies demanded the user info belonging to 49…

Video Game Media Torrents

Titaniumtorrents is a tracker dedicated to E3 video game media. Trailers, previews, interviews and more. Most of the trailers are in high def. Check it out