BitTorrent 2005 part 5, Filling the gap

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When was taken offline 19 december 2004, there was a gap to fill. Initially lokitorrent took over. Lokitorrent's traffic tripled within a week. But a month later lokitorrent died too.

The weeks and months after that, new sites were launched. Some of these grew out to be among the most popular torrent sites by the end of 2005. By far the most popular “new” site is Mininova started in januari 2005, but within 3 months, mininova wasn’t mini anymore. And now, almost a year later they are in the top 3 of all torrent sites, based on the traffic they get.

But there are more successful newcomers., and all made it to the top torrent sites within a relatively short time.

But not only newcomers jumped into the gap. Sites like and thepiratebay are now far more popular than a year ago. This is not just because suprnova died. The sites themselves made quite some progress, and BitTorrent’s popularity is still growing.

A second gap that needed to be filled was the TV-torrent “gap”. was the most popular TV-torrent site until the MPAA decided to target TV-torrent sites in May 2005.
Lately new TV-torrent sites gain in popularity, and look promising.

But the combination of rss and BitTorrent is also well suited to catch the latest TV-torrents. You don’t even need to visit torrent sites anymore, just use Thunderbird or TVtad.

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