ACS:Law’s Anti-Piracy Downfall Sends Hitler Crazy

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In recent times, people on the Internet have used a scene from the World War II movie Downfall to help relive difficult events in a light-hearted way. A new clip has just surfaced on the subject of the ACS:Law email leaks and as usual features a power-hungry individual hell-bent on intimidation. Traditionalists need not be disappointed though, as Adolf Hitler makes an appearance too.

“Hitler finds out” is an ever-evolving Internet meme with a thousand faces. Using a scene from the German movie Downfall where Hitler finds out that the war is effectively lost, creative English subtitles are added to reflect modern day situations.

Since late 2008, Hitler has ranted over Windows Vista, his banning from Xbox Live, the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and even the decline of Second Life. However, things got very interesting earlier this year when copyright owner Constantin Films started issuing DMCA takedown requests to YouTube in an attempt to remove the parodies from the Internet.

Predictably it didn’t take long for Hitler to rant about that too, albeit from the relative safety of video-hosting site, Vimeo.

Despite the efforts of Constantin, this celluloid reenactment of Hitler’s final days endured that particular copyright storm with its parody defense, so it’s perhaps fitting that it should reappear to depict the events of a more recent copyright tragedy.

Unless you’ve been holidaying on Mars, you will be aware that anti-piracy lawyers ACS:Law had their internal emails spilled all over the web recently. The news travelled quickly around the globe, and even Hitler himself seems to have heard about the event.

Believe us, he is not happy. Not happy at all.

ACS:Law Hitlerized


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