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Most of us would agree that DRM is doomed to fail. Unfortunately the Music and Movie Industry is not convinced yet, we still have to let them know that we (their consumers) are against DRM. What better way to do this than organizing an Anti-DRM T-Shirt contest? Spread the word, the winner gets $250.

In collaboration with Beautiful Crime, we challenge you to create a T-shirt design that shows the Anti-DRM message to the rest of the world.

Anti-DRM T-Shirt Design Contest


No contest without prizes of course.

1st place: $250

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $50


  • You can enter as many designs as you like
  • Color is okay, but not more that two colors per design
  • Don’t worry about dpi’s and vectors, the winning designs will be optimized for printing after the winner is announced
  • Email your submission(s) to ernesto (at)

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2007

After the deadline has passed, all submissions will be posted on TorrentFreak and the readers will vote for the best design. The winning designs will go into print and will be sold for $15.

We don’t plan to make any profit, but if we do we will donate the money to charity.


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