Conservative Party Pirated Labour Leader Supporter’s Video

A controversial UK Conservative party video portraying the Labour party's new leader in a negative light has been taken down by YouTube. The advert, which attacked incoming Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, contained copyrighted content not authorized for use by the Tories. In fact, the footage is owned by a staunch…

Google Taken to Court to Uncloak eBook Pirates

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has taken Google to court in an effort to obtain the personal details of one of its users. The account in question had been selling 'pirate' eBooks on Google Play but despite responding to BREIN's complaint by shutting down further sales, Google is refusing to hand…

Warning Illegal Downloaders is Too Expensive, Record Labels Complain

New Zealand's three-strikes anti-piracy law is turning into a huge disappointment for copyright holders. The costs that are involved with sending warning notices and pursuing cases at the copyright tribunal are proving to be too expensive. As a result, only one file-sharer was punished this year.

FBI Seizes Domains Of Two Pre-Release Music Sites

The FBI has seized domains belonging to sites involved in pre-release music piracy. and now display the infamous Department of Justice banner informing visitors that the sites are being investigated for criminal copyright infringement. The RIAA welcomed the news, describing the takedowns as a "huge win."

Dotcom Fails in Last-Ditch Bid to Delay U.S. Extradition Hearing

The former operators of Megaupload have failed in a last-ditch effort to delay their U.S. extradition hearing. Kim Dotcom and his associates argued for more time to prepare but the Court of Appeal said it was confident a fair hearing would be forthcoming. In response, Dotcom branded the NZ judiciary…

283 Developers Have Contributed to Popcorn Time, So Far

Thanks to its slick and easy-to-use interface, Popcorn Time has gained an impressive userbase since its launch early last year. In addition, there's no shortage of interest from developers. Since early 2014, 283 developers have contributed to the most popular Popcorn Time fork.

Is Running a Pirate Site Worse Than Stealing £8.5m From a Bank?

This week an Irish man was handed a four-year sentence for running a pirate linking site. The Court accepted that he led no lavish lifestyle. In contrast, a man who stole almost £9m from a bank and bought homes worth £1.4m, three Bentleys, three Aston Martins, a Porsche 911 and…

Sony Pictures Considered Buying BitTorrent Inc.

Sony Pictures considered BitTorrent Inc. as a potential acquisition opportunity to diversify its business, leaked information reveals. The file-sharing company made it onto a shortlist together with Netflix and TiVo, with Sony praising its effectiveness at downloading online media.