Court Extends Hold on Megaupload’s MPAA and RIAA Lawsuits

A federal court in Virginia has granted Megaupload's request to place the cases filed by the RIAA and MPAA on hold for another six months. The lawsuits have been frozen for several months now, as the parties are waiting for progress in the criminal case against the defunct file-sharing service.

RuTracker Clocks a Million Downloads a Day, Despite Being Completely Blocked

After irritating copyright holders once too often, RuTracker, one of the world's largest torrent sites, was blocked by Russian authorities forever. Somehow, however, the site still helps its users grab a million downloads every day, a figure completely unchanged from one year ago, when the site was open to all.

Court Orders PayPal to Identify Pirate Site Owner

PayPal must hand over the personal details of a pirate site operator to Sony Music, a German court has ruled. The Hamburg-based law firm Rasch sees the decision as a major victory, one that makes it easier for rightsholders to expose pirates and hold them accountable through their payment providers.

The Pirate Bay’s Swedish Domain is Listed For Sale

In a surprise move, The Pirate Bay's iconic Swedish domain name has been listed for sale. Those interested in can enter the bidding with just $90. However, with a looming Supreme Court case over control of the domain still a possibility, will anyone seek ownership?

Large IPTV Piracy Ring Shut Down by Spanish Police and Europol

Police in Spain have shut down a large IPTV piracy operation with help from Europol and Bulgarian authorities. The group was operating through two legitimate ISPs in Spain and Bulgaria, which were allegedly set up to facilitate the illegal offering. Eight people have been arrested in connection with the piracy…

EFF Criticizes PIPCU’s New Domain Name Policing Effort

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has partnered with the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition's 'RogueBlock' program to take down websites offering infringing goods and content. PIPCU will augment RogueBlock's ability to remove payment systems from cyberlockers and similar sites but the EFF has criticized the lack of accountability and…

Court Orders Pornhub to Expose Copyright Infringers

A federal court in California has ordered Pornhub to hand over names, email addresses, IP addresses, and other identifying information related to uploaders of pirated videos. The subpoena was requested by a producer of adult content which listed more than 1,000 infringing videos on the streaming service.

WWW Inventor Prefers Public Protest Over VPN Uptake

Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the world wide web, has been speaking about online privacy. Branding the recent repeal of browsing history legislation as "disgusting", he spoke about the role of VPNs and Tor, and how he would prefer people to protest in the streets rather than take technical…