Neuroscientists Discover Why Internet Pirates Don’t Feel Guilty

Entertainment industry groups often equate illegal downloading to theft, an act that many people would feel guilty about carrying out. However, millions of downloaders simply do not feel any guilt when they transfer infringing content to their machines, so why is that? Scientists in Australia think they've found the answer.

Pirate Bay Crew Removes Thousands of Torrents, Just Not ‘Those’

The Pirate Bay is known for its refusal to accept takedown requests from copyright holders. However, that doesn't mean that the site keeps all files that are uploaded, quite the contrary. Week in and week out a dedicated team of moderators removes thousands of torrents to keep the site from…

I Just Watched an Infringing Video and It Felt Pretty Bad

There are possibly millions of infringing videos on YouTube and for the most part users see it as a bonus. This week, however, I stumbled across a suspect video on the site and the resulting cascade of emotions made me wonder: Don't we all appreciate copyrights and get annoyed by…

HBO Warns Game of Thrones Pirates, Removes Torrents

HBO is going all out to limit Game of Thrones piracy. The company is sending out thousands copyright infringement warnings to alleged pirates, encouraging them to get an HBO subscription. In addition, the company is requesting torrent sites to remove Game of Thrones torrents, at a rate rarely seen before.

ISP Boss Criticizes Calls to Criminalize File-Sharers

The boss of a prominent ISP in Sweden has criticized moves by the government which could criminalize hundreds of thousands of Internet users. Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung says the country is stuck in the past when it calls for harsher punishments for file-sharing and should instead concentrate on developing better…

4K Content Protection “Stripper” Beats Warner Bros in Court

LegendSky, a hardware manufacturer that creates devices enabling consumers to bypass 4K copy protection, has survived a crucial lawsuit. LegendSky was sued by Warner Bros. and Intel daughter company Digital Content Protection (DCP), who said the company was breaking the law, but a surprising settlement suggests otherwise.

Australian ISPs Refuse to Pay For Pirate Site Blocking

Australian ISPs hit with demands to block several 'pirate' sites including The Pirate Bay and Torrentz say they don't want to bear the costs. One ISP says it could block for around AUS$50 per domain, but another put the bill as high as $AUS800. With dozens of domains involved, costs…

Flood of Abusive Piracy Notices Crashed Verizon’s Mail Server

Verizon is taking a stand against the millions of invalid DMCA notices it receives for allegedly pirating subscribers. At one point the ISP received two million piracy warnings in one day from anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp, which effectively crashed one of Verizon's mail servers.

Pirate Bay & KickassTorrents Uploader Stung For €7,500

Another uploader to torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents has agreed to pay a cash settlement to Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN. After other members of his group were identified the man apparently stopped uploading torrents and lay low, but that didn't stop BREIN from catching up with him.

Elsevier Complaint Shuts Down Sci-Hub Domain Name

Sci-Hub is facing millions of dollars in damages in a lawsuit filed by Elsevier, one of the largest academic publishers. As a result of the legal battle the site just lost one of its latest domain names. However, the site has no intentions of backing down, and will continue its…