Danish ISPs Stand Up Against ‘Mafia-Like’ Copyright Trolls

Following a recent victory in Norway, Internet provider Telenor now hopes to put the brakes on copyright trolling efforts in Denmark as well. The company is backed by other ISPs and the local Telco Industry Organization, which notes that users must be protected from these "mafia-like" practices.

Huge Coalition Protests EU Mandatory Piracy Filter Proposals

The EFF, Creative Commons, Wikimedia, Mozilla and sixty other groups are protesting proposals by the EU to force service providers to police copyrighted content. Article 13 would require sites to introduce piracy filters and content recognition systems but the groups describe the plans as backward looking, damaging, and ill thought…

To Torrent or To Stream? That is The Big Piracy Question

When movies and TV shows are so readily accessible via streaming platforms, why would anyone go to the trouble of using a torrent site anymore? It's an interesting question that raises issues not only for the future of consumer piracy but also for the health of the underlying content ecosystem.

Torrent Sites See Traffic Boost After ExtraTorrent Shutdown

ExtraTorrent's unexpected shutdown last week came as a shock to its users, who suddenly had to find a new home. Most users flocked to other popular sites, including The Pirate Bay, which suffered from "gateway errors" in response. Meanwhile, many copycats and mirrors are also trying to get a piece…

So You Want To Be An Internet Piracy Investigator?

The Federation Against Copyright Theft, one of the UK's most prominent anti-piracy groups, is looking to expand its team by recruiting a new Internet Investigator. The job listing provides an interesting insight into what qualities the group is looking for but doesn't mention a salary. It better be good though,…

Steal This Show S03E02: ‘Juicing The Imagination’

Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode, we talk to Rand Miller, creator of the Myst and Riven adventure games.

Google Has a Hard Time Keeping Streaming Pirates at Bay

In recent months, copyright holders have sent over a quarter million takedown requests targeting pirated videos on Google's servers. The notices point to a wide variety of infringing movies and TV-shows, all served from Googlevideo.com URLs. This recent surge shows that Google has a hard time stopping pirate streaming sites…

Even Fake Leaks Can Help in Hollywood’s Anti-Piracy Wars

Disney chief Bob Iger recently announced that hackers had obtained one of the company's movies and were holding it to ransom. This Wednesday, TorrentFreak concluded it was a hoax, and on Thursday, Disney admitted that was indeed the case. When the 'hack' had so little credibility from the beginning almost…

Copyright Troll Piracy ‘Witness’ Went Back to the Future – and Lost

A witness for the world's most notorious copyright trolls appears to have time-traveling abilities. Guardaley's "expert" sent a declaration to the court claiming to have witnessed BitTorrent infringement more than a week before the offenses allegedly took place. Marty McFly's colleagues subsequently dropped the case.