Copyright Troll Asks Court to Ban the Term ‘Copyright Troll’

Adult movie studio Malibu Media has asked the Indiana federal court to ban negative terms during an upcoming trial against an alleged BitTorrent pirate. According to the copyright troll, descriptions such as "copyright troll," "pornographer" and "porn purveyor" could influence the jury.

German Court Will Issue Pirate Site Blocking Decision in November

Germany's Supreme Court says it will hand down a decision on the country's first 'pirate' website blocking case in November. The case was initiated by infamous rightsholder group GEMA who are suing local ISP Deutsche Telekom for providing their customers with access to cyberlocker links site (now

Pirate Site Blocking Delay Shows Lack of Urgency, Critics Say

Copyright holders who demanded a rapid introduction of site-blocking legislation in Australia are coming under fire for not presenting their first cases quickly enough. Under intense pressure the country introduced a new legal framework in June but six weeks on and the first site-blocking complaint is said to remain at…

Popcorn Time Vulnerable to Hack Attacks, Researcher Says

A fork of the popular Popcorn Time application is vulnerable to hacking attacks, a researcher says. Antonios Chariton, aka DaKnOb, says that a man-in-the-middle attacker can gain complete control of a target machine. Fortunately he also has some advice for the software's developers to help put matters right.

India’s Porn Block Targets Torrent Sites, CollegeHumor and 9Gag

The Indian Government has ordered local ISPs to block access to a list of 857 websites that supposedly link to adult material. The broad blocking order goes further than targeting dedicated porn sites alone though. Torrent sites and are listed too, as well as 9Gag, Liveleak and CollegeHumor.

The Pirate Bay Will Be Blocked in Austria

Following a European trend, an Austrian Court has ordered a local ISP to block access to The Pirate Bay. The legal action, brought by copyright holders, resulted in an injunction which orders the ISPs to block access to several popular torrent sites and also affects, and

Google Asked to Remove 18 ‘Pirate Links’ Every Second

Copyright holders continue to increase the number of copyright takedown requests they send to Google. As a result the company is currently asked to remove a record breaking 18 links to "pirate" pages from its search results every second, a number that is still increasing at a rapid pace.

Anti-Web Blocking Site More Popular in the UK than Spotify & Skype

A service that helps users circumvent web-blocking injunctions handed down by the UK High Court has grown to become one of the country's most popular websites. provides instant access to dozens of otherwise blocked domains and is currently ranked 192nd in the UK, ahead of both Spotify and Skype.

Bitdefender Blocks Anti-Piracy Website as Malware

Rightscorp, the piracy monetization company that works with Warner Bros and other prominent copyright holders, has had to deal with its fair share of setbacks recently. The company is publicly condemned for its "extortionist" practices and now anti-virus vendor Bitdefender has started to brand the company's website as malware.

YouTube Games Copyright Law To Avoid License Fees, IFPI Says

Music industry group IFPI says that artists are not being paid fairly for the use of their music and the blame for that can be laid at the feet of services such as YouTube and Soundcloud. IFPI says that instead of buying licenses such as those obtained by Spotify, these…