Discogs Attacked By Two Kinds of Horrible ‘Pirate’ Spam

Discogs, one of the most useful music database sites online, is under attack from two particularly horrible kinds of spam. On the one hand, hundreds of fake movie, TV show and other links to shady 'pirate' sites have been posted on the platform. On the other, sloppy anti-piracy companies are…

Online Piracy Moves Away From The Desktop

Traffic to pirate sites via regular desktop browsers is fading, new data suggests. A new report released by piracy research firm MUSO shows that traffic through mobile browsers is relatively stable. Whether piracy is down overall remains debatable, though, as streaming media players, which mostly fall outside the scope of…

Game Pirates Celebrate Fall of Denuvo’s Brand New Protection

A new version of the Denuvo anti-piracy technology that was supposed to prevent games being cracked quickly has been defeated in a month. As usual, pirates are celebrating, but this time it's a bit more personal. When raising funding for their game 2Dark the makers promised no DRM, so the…

Cloudflare Doesn’t Want to Become the ‘Piracy Police’

Cloudflare is warning that far-reaching cooperation between copyright holders and Internet services may put innovation in danger. The company doesn't want to become the "piracy police" and is refusing to monitor infringing content proactively. Instead, Cloudflare urges rightsholders to see the Internet as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Cisco Draws Attention To The Rise of Pirate IPTV

To the hardened file-sharer, paying for pirate content seems a ridiculous thing to do, but that's exactly what thousands of consumers are gravitating towards in 2017. Pirate IPTV services provide staggering amounts of live and VOD content for a small monthly fee and networking company Cisco suggests that the market…

Most Millennials Regularly Stream Pirated Content, Survey Finds

More than half of all North American millennials regularly use pirate streaming services to watch TV-shows or movies, a new survey shows. While legal streaming is preferred, pirate sources are more popular than traditional TV, DVDs or Blu-Rays. Interestingly, only a tiny fraction of the respondents feel guilty about using…

Uploaded.net Terminates Accounts of Persistent Pirates

Popular file-hosting service Uploaded.net terminated the accounts of many users this week, citing frequent copyright infringements. The account holders in question, many of which used the site to generate revenue, are no longer able to share their files and are actively looking for alternatives.

It’s “National Get a VPN Day” in Australia

Australia's mandatory data retention scheme comes into effect today, with telecoms providers expected to retain and store their customers' Internet usage metadata. In response, privacy group Digital Rights Watch has declared this event National Get a VPN Day, vowing to equip citizens with the tools they need to avoid surveillance.

Nagra Targets Pirate Kodi Streaming Addons and IPTV

While reasonably effective satellite and cable TV anti-piracy systems do exist, these are being entirely circumvented by pirate content delivered over the Internet. No surprise then that conditional access companies such as NAGRA are spreading their wings, targeting illegal IPTV and third-party Kodi addons.

WWE Takes Suspected BitTorrent Pirates to Court

WWE Studios Finance has filed a series of lawsuits against alleged downloaders of the movie "Eliminators," which features WWE superstar Wade Barrett. Through so-called "copyright troll" lawsuits, the daughter company of World Wrestling Entertainment hopes to uncover the identities of dozens of BitTorrent pirates to recoup their losses.

Kim Dotcom Takes Fight Over Seized Millions to US Supreme Court

Kim Dotcom has petitioned the US Supreme Court in the hope of regaining control over millions of dollars in assets that were seized by the US Government. Dotcom's legal team is challenging the finding that as a fugitive, Megaupload's founder has no standing to reclaim his seized property.