The Growing Importance of Torrents Meta-Search

The shutdown of KickassTorrents last month probably won't be the last involving a major site as the authorities tend to home in on the largest players. That being said, smaller sites attract less attention but visiting them all is a nuisance. With meta-search, however, finding their torrents is easy.

Pirate Bay is The King of Torrents Once Again

This week The Pirate Bay quietly celebrated its 13th anniversary. Where other giants have fallen in the past, the notorious Pirate ship has stayed afloat. Today we chat with the TPB-team to discuss their remarkable achievement.

‘Mutable’ Torrents Proposal Makes BitTorrent More Resilient

Behind the scenes, groups of individuals are trying to make BitTorrent better with steady, incremental updates. A new proposal tabled by P2P developer Luca Matteis envisions a tweak to the protocol that would allow greater resilience in the BitTorrent ecosystem.

Torrentz Remains Down, But The Clone Wars Are On

Without prior warning, popular meta-search engine Torrentz closed its doors for good last week. While many users were still staring at the farewell message in disbelief, several torrent site operators sprung into action to get their Torrentz clones ready, leveraging the goodwill built by the popular brand.

Rightscorp Threatens Every ISP in the United States

Following a court win by its client BMG over Cox Communications this week, Rightscorp has issued an unprecedented warning to every ISP in the United States today. Boasting a five-year trove of infringement data against Internet users, Rightscorp warned ISPs that they can either cooperate or face the consequences.

Court: Failed to Prevent Piracy, Faces Damages

Popular file-hosting service has lost its most recent legal battle against German music rights group GEMA. The Regional Court of Munich ruled that Uploaded is liable for content shared by its users, because it failed to implement proactive measures to combat piracy.

KickassTorrents Crew Ask For Donations to Rebuild The Site

While the original KickassTorrents site remains offline, a group of site admins and moderators have plans to restore the site to its former glory. They have gathered many users under a new roof and are now gathering donations to keep expanding.

PIPCU Raids ‘Pirate’ TV Streaming Operation, Three Arrested

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Unit has raided a UK-based pirate TV streaming operation said to be responsible for the distribution of thousands of illegal devices worldwide. In addition to the seizure of dozens of servers, three men have been arrested.

Scammers Take Over Popular KickassTorrents ‘Mirror’

The popular KickassTorrents 'mirror' is back online. After a brief suspension, the registry re-released the domain name for registration, allowing scammers to pick it up. While the site still appears to be a mirror, it asks people to sign up for an account with a credit card if they…

Russia Plans Social Media Piracy Crackdown

Authorities in Russia are planning new legislation that could see a crackdown on users uploading pirated content to social networks. Also under consideration are measures to ban advertising from infringing sites and block subscription-based platforms from processing user payments.