Universal Asks Google to Censor “Furious 7″ IMDb Page, and More

Universal Pictures has sent a rather unfortunate takedown notice to Google. The movie outfit wants the search engine to take down the IMDb listing for one of its movies, as well as other legitimate content. Google, has yet to respond to the self-censorship effort and is currently investigating the request.

Most Aussie Pirates Are the Industry’s Best Customers

A survey commission by the Australian government has found that more than a quarter of all local Internet users consume content illegally online. Interestingly, while 7% of the population were found to be hardcore pirates who spend nothing on legitimate content, those who pirate and also buy legally are the…

uTorrent Flagged As ‘Harmful’ by Anti-Virus Companies and Google

Several anti-virus vendors have begun blocking uTorrent after identifying the software as malicious or potentially dangerous. In addition, Google Chrome is currently blocking several pages on uTorrent's official website. According to the reports the popular file-sharing application is linked to riskware and trojans.

Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenberg Dies Aged 28

Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg has been found dead at the home he shared with his girlfriend in Florida. He was 28. A medical examiner’s autopsy found no explanation for the cause of death and police said there was no evidence of injuries or drugs.

French Anti-Piracy Regime Breaks 5 Million Warning Barrier

The famous French "graduated response" initiative for dealing with online piracy has now sent out more than five million warnings to alleged infringers. The latest figures published by the Hadopi agency also reveal that 169 people were referred to the public prosecutor in the first half of 2015, up from…

UK Anti-Piracy ‘Education’ Campaign Starts This Summer

This summer will see the long-awaited start of "Creative Content UK," a broad anti-piracy effort from ISPs and copyright holders. The UK Government-funded program aims to warn and educate illegal file-sharers in the hope of decreasing piracy rates over time.

MalwareBytes Blocks Torrent Sites & Suspect Peers

Users of MalwareBytes can no longer access at least two leading torrent sites. Isohunt.to and LimeTorrents are not considered a direct threat but the IP ranges used by the sites are reportedly linked to malicious activity. Additionally, MalwareBytes is also blocking suspect torrent peers due to links to malicious behavior.

UK Wants 10 Year Prison Sentence For Online Pirates

The UK Government has announced a new proposal to increase the maximum jail term for online piracy from two to ten years. According to the authorities longer prison sentences are needed to deter large-scale and commercial copyright infringement on the Internet.

KickassTorrents Disappears From Google After Penalty

Following what appears to be a severe penalty, popular torrent site KickassTorrents has become pretty much unfindable in Google. Meanwhile, the top search result in many locations points to a scam site that's serving malware to its visitors. For now, only DuckDuckGo presents the real site as a main result.

Public Revolts Against Plan to Kill Domain Name Privacy

More than 11,000 people are protesting a proposal which may ban private domain name registrations for millions of websites. The changes would make it easier to identify owners of pirate sites, but the commenters warn that this may have disastrous consequences.