Netflix Exempts U.S. Military Bases From Copyright Geo-Blocks

Netflix is increasingly blocking users who circumvent geo-restrictions through VPNs and proxies. This issue worries many U.S. soldiers stationed overseas, but according to Netflix American military bases will still be able to access the content library of their home country.

South American Pirates Transfer 789 Petabytes Per Year

New research shows that online piracy is widespread in South America. Nearly half of all Internet users have used pirate sites and services, transferring a healthy 789 petabytes per year. Unlike in other regions, direct download sites are consistently more popular than P2P-based solutions such as BitTorrent.

Russia’s RuTracker Blockade Has Just Seriously Backfired

Huge torrent site RuTracker is one of more than a dozen sites permanently blocked by Russian ISPs in the past week after complaints from rightsholders. However, it now appears that the action will have unexpected consequences. In addition to opening up what was a partially closed site, RuTracker has ended…

“My Little Pony” Sued For Using a Pirated Font

Typeface company Font Brothers has filed a lawsuit against Hasbro claiming that My Little Pony uses one of its fonts without permission. According to the complaint, Harbro refuses to pay the required licenses while it continues to use the font in its My Little Pony merchandise and products.

Pirate Party Prosecuted For Operating a Pirate Site

After deliberately provoking authorities with the launch of several pirate sites, the Czech Pirate Party have welcomed the news that they're finally being prosecuted by the police. "Our goal is to change the copyright monopoly law so that people are not fined millions for sharing culture with their friends," the…

Some Pirate Sites Have Little Respect For Their Users

Basic rules of economics dictate that websites need a way to monetize their operations but with pressure in the advertising world increasing, options for pirate sites are more narrow than they were. However, while many still do their best to deliver a decent experience to users, others are letting everyone…

World’s Oldest Torrent Is Still Being Shared After 4,419 Days

A fan-created ASCII version of the 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix is the oldest known torrent that's still active. Created more than 12 years ago, the file has outlived many blockbuster movies and is still downloaded a few times a week, even though the site from where it originated has…

Creative Kids Turn MIT Website Into a ‘Piracy’ Haven

In recent weeks the music industry has started to target the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website over tens of thousands of copyright infringements. The deviant behavior doesn't come from typical pirates though, but from children using the Scratch project to share 'their' creative expressions.

The Site Lifting the Veil on Netflix’s Geo-Restrictions

It's now common knowledge that users of Netflix in one country can often get access to a better range of movies and TV shows if they use a proxy or VPN. While Netflix is trying to clamp down on the practice, what kind of benefits can be achieved by bypassing…

EFF Warns Against Broad “Stay Down” Anti-Piracy Filters

Copyright holders want websites to implement strict filters to guarantee that content stays down after a DMCA notice is received. The EFF warns against these demands, arguing that they will lead to a "filter everything" approach. According to the EFF this will result in more abuse and mistakes from often…

Pirate Sites Decrease in Numbers, Increase in Strength

The main lawyer and public face of Pirate Bay nemesis Rights Alliance says that the file-sharing landscape in Sweden has shifted. Henrik Pontén says that while down significantly in numbers, the remaining pirates sites have become more professional, explicitly commercial, while earning "a lot of money".