RIAA Ceremony Commends ICE For “Historic” Pirate Site Shutdown

The RIAA has commended U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators during a ceremony to celebrate the prosecution of RockDizMusic and RockDizFile operator Rocky Ouprasith. “On behalf of the major U.S. record labels, we are grateful for the excellent work of the ICE agents involved in this historic case,” said RIAA…

Sony Pictures Targets Torrent Sites With Preemptive Takedowns

Copyright holders commonly ask torrent sites to remove links to pirated content, such as the latest blockbuster movies. However, Sony Pictures Networks goes a step further. This week the Indian company sent a stark warning to torrent sites, urging them to keep an eye out for pirated versions of an…

MPAA Signs Anti-Piracy Deal With Large Domain Registry

The MPAA has signed its first anti-piracy partnership with a domain name registry outside the United States. The Hollywood group will act as a "trusted notifier," helping Radix, Asia's largest new gTLD applicant, to prevent pirate sites from using their domain names.

Leaked EU Draft Reveals Geo-Blocking Can Stay For Video

Excitement over the European Commission's plans to abolish geo-blocking and filtering restrictions across EU member states is in jeopardy following the publication of a leaked draft. The 34-page document proposes exceptions for audio-visual content, meaning that services like Netflix would be excluded.

Game Over: Nintendo Takes Down “Full Screen Mario” Code

After shutting down the website of the hugely popular "Full Screen Mario" browser game, Nintendo has now nuked its actively developed code repository from GitHub. The code allowed users to play the 1985 Super Mario Bros game on their local machines and included a level editor. According to developer Josh…

Court Orders Pirate Bay Domains to be Forfeited to the State

The Swedish Court of Appeal has today ruled that The Pirate Bay will have its Swedish domains confiscated. ThePirateBay.se and PirateBay.se will both be forfeited to the state but Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij informs TorrentFreak that he will appeal claims that he owns the domains at the Supreme Court.

Mega Ordered to Hand Over Users’ Details to U.S. Court

Mega, the cloud storage site founded by Kim Dotcom, has been ordered to hand the IP addresses and personal details of some of its users to a U.S. court. The ruling follows the uploading of sensitive documents to Mega following a hack on a foreign government computer system. Speaking with…

45,000 People Ask Netflix to Stop VPN Crackdown

A letter signed by nearly 45,000 people calls upon Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to reverse the company's broad VPN ban. To enforce geographical restrictions Netflix started blocking VPN users more aggressively this year, but according to OpenMedia there are better alternatives that respect the privacy of users.

Germany to Rescind Piracy Liability for Open Wifi Operators

People operating open WiFi networks in Germany have long risked being held liable for the actions of those using them. However, to the relief of thousands of citizens that position will change later this year after the country's coalition government decided to abolish the legislation which holds operators responsible for…

Court: Resistance To Star Trek Copyright Claims Is Futile

The lawsuit between Paramount Pictures and the crowdfunded Star Trek spin-off "Prelude to Axanar" will continue, a California federal court has ruled. The makers of the spin-off asked the court to dismiss the case arguing that several elements, including the Klingon language, are not protected by copyright. However, the court…

DVDFab Has Ignored Court’s Shut Down Order, AACS Says

DVDFab has failed to cease its operations in the U.S. and should be sanctioned, AACS says. The decryption licensing outfit founded by Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft, Intel and others, informs a New York federal court that DVDFab's parent company has blatantly ignored a permanent injunction that was issued last year.

UK Government Expands Crackdown on Online Piracy

The UK government has published its strategy for tackling IP infringement over the next four years. The document reveals some interesting times ahead, including a review of the effectiveness of notice and takedown regimes and the possibility of rightsholders tracking down infringers within them.