Pirate Kodi Add-Ons Gain Massive Popularity

Streaming piracy is on the rise with the popular media center Kodi at the center of attention. While Kodi itself is a neutral platform, millions of people use third-party add-ons to turn it into the ultimate pirate machine. In less than a year, the leading add-on repository has seen the…

Russian Anti-Piracy Chief Arrested in ‘Fraud’ Investigation

Russian authorities have reportedly arrested Maxim Ryabyko, the head of one of the leading anti-piracy agencies. Several sources suggest that he offered to help drop a criminal investigation against an Internet entrepreneur with alleged connections to the pirate site Lib.rus.ec, in exchange for 50 million rubles.

MPAA Says Portugal’s Pirate Site-Blocking System is World Leader

Forcing ISPs to block pirate sites can be both time-consuming and expensive but it doesn't have to be that way. A voluntary scheme in Portugal has streamlined the process and won the backing of the MPAA, who say that the system is the best international example of anti-piracy practices.

Court Asks How it Can Ban Illegal Pokemon Go Downloads

Pokémon Go is not available to buy in India so the game is being heavily pirated by fans. With legal moves underway to try and bring this behavior to a halt, the Gujarat High Court is now seeking advice on how to stop downloads to protect the public interest.

U.S. Judge: Advertiser Is Not Liable for Pirate Sites

Advertising network JuicyAds has scored an early victory at a California federal court. In a tentative ruling, District Court Judge George Wu says he will grant a motion to dismiss the complaint from adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan. This would mean that the advertiser is not liable for the infringements…

BREIN Unmasks Overseas Pirates Without a Court Order

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN says it has discovered the identities of people running several pirate linking sites. Of interest in the case is that the identities were obtained from a UK-based hosting provider, which complied with BREIN's requests without receiving a court order.

Steal This Show S02E03: The Cyberpunk Hustle

Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing the latest file-sharing and copyright trends and news. In this episode we talk to Jim Munroe, science fiction author, film director and games designer.

Cox Wants Music Group to Pay for False Copyright Claims.

Internet provider Cox Communications is demanding over $100,000 in compensation from Round Hill Music, for the legal fees it incurred based on false copyright claims. The music group sued Cox last year over alleged infringements committed by the ISP's subscribers, without actually owning any of the copyrights in question.

Microsoft Bing Debuts New DMCA Notice Dashboard

Microsoft's Bing has just debuted a new system which allows any copyright holder to submit and monitor the status of their DMCA complaints to the search engine. At the center of the tool is a brand new dashboard, available to anyone with a Microsoft account.