BitLet: A Cute Web-Based BitTorrent Client

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BitLet is a cute web-based Java applet that allows you to download .torrent files on a computer that doesn't have a BitTorrent client installed. Very useful if you want to share a torrent with your BitTorrent illiterate friends, or if you're on a computer that doesn't have a BitTorrent client installed.

BitLet: A Cute Web-Based BitTorrent ClientBitLet is still in an early stage of development, but it is already fully functional. More features, such as uploading local .torrent files, will be added to the site and the Java Applet in the near future.

I’ve tried it with a couple of torrents and it seems to be working quite well, just enter the url of the .torrent file and you’re good to go. The download speeds are decent and doesn’t require any configuration, so it’s pretty much idiot-proof.

BitLet also has a very useful code generator so you can offer BitTorrent downloads on your blog or website so that people can easily download, even when they don’t have a BitTorrent client installed. If people click on the link a popup window will appear, and the download starts immediately. Here’s an example download link:

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If everything works like it should you’ll get a popup window similar to the screenshot below, it currently shows the download speed, percentage completed, and even a status led that signals potential problems (green is good). BitLet uses the Sun Java platform, if you encounter any problems, try installing the latest Java Virtual Machine plugin from Sun.

BitLet: A Cute Web-Based BitTorrent Client

Personally I think that BitLet is a great way to make BitTorrent available to the occasional downloader who is not familiar with it at all. It could also be very helpful if you want to download a torrent on a PC that doesn’t have a BitTorrent client installed, like work or school for some people. It’s not a replacement for the regular BitTorrent client, but it sure is a great addition.


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