BitLet Bookmarklet: Directly Download Torrents in your Browser

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BitLet, the web-based BitTorrent client recently added a bookmarklet. This new feature makes it possible to download .torrent files in your browser, without navigating away from the torrent site. The bookmarklet works on The Pirate Bay, mininova, Demonoid and all other sites that use the .torrent extension.

BitLet is a very neat web-based Java applet that allows you to download .torrent files on a computer that doesn’t have a BitTorrent client installed. Not really something for the more advanced BitTorrent users, but helpful if you want to share a torrent with your less tech-savvy friends.

Some BitTorrent sites, Suprnova and Fenopy for example, already list Bitlet download links on their site. bitletHowever, for all the other sites the bookmarklet comes in handy. It saves you some time because you don’t have to go to the BitLet homepage and enter the .torrent link manually.

For those who are not familiar with bookmarklets, it works really simple. Add the bookmarklet – listed over here – to your toolbar or favorites. Visit your favorite BitTorrent site, and when you find a torrent you want to download on your, simply click on the bookmarklet and a “download with Bitlet” link will show up.

Thanks to BitLet I’ve shared files with people who never heard of BitTorrent. It requires no configuration – although you can change the port and upload speed – and the speeds are comparable to most other BitTorrent clients. Most importantly perhaps, it brings BitTorrent distribution another step closer to the complete novice.


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