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BitLet is a web-based client which allows BitTorrent sharing without a torrent client being installed on your machine. Now, in recognition of this innovative system, the editors at CNET have nominated BitLet as a finalist in the Webware 100 Awards, 2008.

BitLet: A Cute Web-Based BitTorrent Client

We first introduced BitLet back in July 2007.

BitLet is a web-based Java applet which makes it possible to download .torrent files on a computer that doesn’t have a BitTorrent client installed, which is fantastic for people who either can’t, or don’t know how to, install additional software. The site isn’t just clear and functional, it’s incredibly easy to use too – simply enter the url of the .torrent file you wish to use and sit back and wait for your chosen material to download.

In recognition of this innovative site, the editors over at CNET have chosen BitLet to be a finalist in the Webware 100 Awards 2008. This is quite an achievement considering the heavyweights who came out on top in 2007, such as Bebo, Gmail, MySpace, Wikipedia and YouTube. BitLet is nominated in the Security and Utility division.

For the 2008 contest, a total of 4,600 Web 2.0 services were nominated by Webware readers and from these, a lucky 300 finalists were selected, including BitLet, of course.

Other BitTorrent related services were also nominated. itself was nominated along with Pando, and the Firefox based AllPeers. Sadly, AllPeers bit the dust so will no longer be included.

Alessandro and Daniele of BitLet told TorrentFreak: “We are really proud of this achievement. Being chosen as one of the finalists is a huge acknowledgment for an application like BitLet. When we started to develop the applet we wanted to support BitTorrent content distribution by creating an extremely simple tool to allow anyone to download files with just one click. We may not have achieved that precise objective (yet :P) but Webware’s nomination, in addition to the good feedback we receive from our users, encourages us to keep working on new features and improving the existing ones.”

Indeed, BitLet has been evolving since its introduction, adding features such as the BitLet ‘Upload‘ section which adds torrent creation to the service, the music streaming feature which is also used by Mininova, and the ‘bookmarklet‘ which allows the user to inject a direct download link into torrent search engines.

BitLet’s features add up to one of the most innovative BitTorrent related services, and a worthy addition to the Webware 100 finalists list.

If you’d like to vote for BitLet -30 million BitTorrent users voting should do the job- you can do so right up until March 31, by clicking here.


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