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The Web 2.0 inspired BitTorrent search engine "Fenopy" just released a widget that allows you to search for torrents, or spy on the latest torrent submissions. The widget requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

fenopyFenopy is a relatively new torrent search engine. It was launched this June, but it is already attracting quite a lot of traffic.

Fenopy is constantly looking for features that may enhance the “user experience”, and usability of the site. Last month they implemented their “share on your blog” feature, a visually attractive way for bloggers to share torrents, without running a tracker.

TyrantBuilt, the developer of the widget told TorrentFreak that he will release updated versions on a weekly basis. He even offered to make a TorrentFreak widget for the latest articles, pretty cool.

Fenopy Widget (Macupdate)


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