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Following Mininova and The Pirate Bay, isoHunt is now the third BitTorrent site to enter the list of top 100 most visited websites on the Internet. Together the three sites generate more than a billion pageviews a month and they continue to grow.

isohuntMost recently, isoHunt managed to get a spot among the 100 120 most visited domains on the Internet, according to Alexa’s new and improved statistics.

Isohunt – the third largest BitTorrent site with 350.000.000 pageviews a month – is one of the older BitTorrent sites and predates both The Pirate Bay and Mininova. The site started in January 2003, and added support for torrents by the end of that year just a few months after the BitTorrent protocol went public.

At the time, no-one could have guessed that BitTorrent sites would ever become as dominant as they are now. Gary Fung, the founder of isoHunt didn’t foresee it either, as he told TorrentFreak: “I never expected the site to grow to this volume initially, until we started seeing explosive growth with the uptake of BitTorrent.”

About the future of his site Fung said: “By indexing any and all BitTorrent links, we expect to grow as much as usage of BitTorrent would.” Right now, there is no sign that BitTorrent’s usage will stop growing, so it is safe to say that like any other BitTorrent site, isoHunt will keep on growing.

Another interesting observation is that The Pirate Bay has outgrown Mininova traffic wise. For over a year Mininova has been the most visited BitTorrent site, but now – for the first time ever – The Pirate Bay is in the lead.

Update: apparently there was a glitch in the traffic rank numbers, they are back to normal right now and show that Mininova is still in the lead. We corrected the graph and the figures below. The title of the article is still correct, as it is based on direct reports.

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Today’s rankings show that The Pirate Bay is 90th in the list of 100 120 most visited websites, Mininova 51st and isoHunt comes in 119th place. With the current growth rate of BitTorrent sites, will probably join these three sites in a few weeks.


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