Burger King Says Cheeseburgers Better Than Music Piracy

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This week motor manufacturer Mitsubishi used the mainstream nature of file-sharing and P2P in order to promote its new Colt model. Now, in what appears to be an upcoming marketing campaign by fast food giant Burger King, the famous beef grillers say that cheeseburgers are just like downloading free music from the Internet - but legal.

bkTaking advantage of the web’s popularity and downloading in particular, this week Mitsubishi scattered virtual pieces of one of its new Colt cars around the Internet. The first person to find all the components and reassemble them will receive a free and very real car, courtesy of the Japanese motor maker. But you know what it’s like – you wait for years for a P2P related advert, then two come along all at once.

In what appears to be a new marketing campaign by fast food giant Burger King, the company likens its cheeseburgers to piracy. A scan of a promotional flyer sent to TorrentFreak says that BK’s burgers are just like downloading music from the Internet, but better because they’re “legal”.

Maybe i’m getting old, but I can’t in any way see how cheeseburgers are like downloading music off the Internet. That said, if BK want to complete the analogy, I want their burgers leaked to file-sharing sites before their promotion starts, available 24/7 via The Pirate Bay, I want to be able to share this food with my friends (and them with their friends) without ever taking my hands off my ‘copy’. And I want my burger for free, if you don’t mind.

Burger King Download

Here’s your chance to “Have It Your Way®”. If any creative souls out there think they could create a better (preferably funnier) flyer for Burger King on the same theme, or feel they could tenuously refer to burgers (or anything else) in a campaign to promote file-sharing, feel free to send them to me on enigmax[@]torrentfreak.com and i’ll link the best into this post.

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