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Home > Piracy > is a new music torrent indexer that looks surprisingly good for a torrent site, and one that combines great design and functionality like we've never seen before. Yet another great way to discover new music - if only the RIAA approved. is a torrent indexer, meaning that the site does not operate its own tracker. Those browsing through the site will immediately notice that it’s unlike any other indexer. It focuses on the music niche, and has several features that make it stand out when compared to other torrent sites.

The navigation of the site can be compared to some of the better e-commerce sites, with listings of popular and new artists and albums, and the option to browse through different genres. On top of that, the site has a full-blown recommendation engine that makes it a great tool to discover new music, especially when combined with the album reviews and artist bios.

The site is open to everyone, and users are not required to sign up. However, those who take a few seconds to create an account can post comments, and track the status of any torrents they upload. To make sure that the site remains free from spam, every uploaded torrent has to be approved by one of the moderators.

Recommendations, Artist Details and Track Listing

“I’m a music lover,” the founder told TorrentFreak. “I always use BitTorrent to get my fix, but I was disappointed with all the public indexers and private trackers.”

“I found the experience of searching for music on public trackers very tiresome, always having to navigate through a lot of irrelevant search results and dead torrents, and was tired too of the strict rules of most of the private trackers and the elitism of some of their communities,” he added.

This encouraged the founder to build, which he released to the public only a few days ago. The only downside is that the site will be a major target for the RIAA and IFPI, especially because all the torrents are manually approved before they are added to the site. The “we are a search engine just like Google” argument doesn’t quite hold up here.

That aside, is truly an amazing site, and it is quite refreshing to see a new indexer that thinks outside the box. What do you think?


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