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Diferior makes it easy for everyone to start a BitTorrent or filesharing community, and more. It is easy to customize and can be used as a blog, a forum, a simple http downloads system, a public or private BitTorrent tracker, or all of these features at once.

diferiorAre you someone that always wanted to have your very own BitTorrent tracker? Here’s your chance, with Diferior it is a piece of cake. In fact, it is as easy as setting up any other blogging platform or CMS.

Diferior has an online installer which makes it fairly easy to setup, even for complete novices. When it’s installed there are several options to customize it to your own needs. Diferior has a built in private BitTorrent tracker where users can post torrents and there is also an option to allow public torrents and http downloads.

Povilas Musteikis, the developer of Diferior, told TorrentFreak that Diferior started out as a personal project that got a little out of hand. “The whole “blog-filesharing” concept received very positive feedback from site visitors and I started receiving e-mails from people interested in what CMS I was running.” So, he decided to make it available to the public.

The script is released under a GPL license and Povilas hopes that it will appeal to both advanced users and people who are new to BitTorrent. “I am a linux user and I support OpenSource community,” he said, “for once, instead of only taking, I decided to do some giving and release the script under GPL, so everybody can benefit. Hopefully Diferior will be appealing to both casual and hardcore users. It is easy to install and maintain, but also has a lot of potential under the hood.”

Diferior runs fine as long as your webserver or hosting plan meets the requirements. One of the things you need is ssh/gcc access, otherwise you cannot get the XBT tracker backend running, instructions are included in the Diferior download package. Unfortunately, not all webhosting companies like BitTorrent. Earlier this year we wrote about Hostgator who forbids their customer to host .torrent files, let alone let them host a tracker.

Povilas told us that Diferior will have its own BitTorrent tracker in the future as well as several other improvements. “I plan to constantly add new functionality, based on user feedback and requests. At the moment Diferior is very multi-purpose, with well developed blogging, file sharing and community capabilities. I haven’t put emphasis on any of these functions yet, but I hope to evolve them independently, judging by community demand.”

Themes for Diferior are based on the widely used smarty template engine. Currently there is only one theme available but no doubt more themes will be developed soon.

The script has an impressive feature list for an initial release, to name a few:

  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Torrent tracker frontend
  • Both private and public torrent tracker support
  • HTTP/FTP link downloads
  • User-submitted downloads
  • User management with e-mail validation, captcha anti-spam protection
  • Cheater management
  • Blogging platform
  • User profiles
  • User preferences
  • Template support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Caching
  • Plugin support
  • Forums
  • RSS feeds
  • There are really too many features to list them all here, you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in this multi functional CMS. It makes sharing even more easy and fun.


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