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Setting up a (private or public) BitTorrent tracker may sound hard to some, but it isn't. With Diferior, you are only a few clicks away from being the proud owner of a torrent site, private or public. That's not all, the content management system also supports FTP and http downloads and comes with a blog and forums.

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Since the first beta release in December, over one thousand people have tried Diferior already, and many were impressed by the ease of use. It is not much harder to setup that the average blog or CMS software.

One of the downsides of the first beta was that it only worked with a modified version of the XBTT tracker. However, the latest release is no longer a beta, and it comes with several tracker alternatives. Diferior has now a built in php tracker, which requires no configuration and works out of the box. The downside is that it can only handle a couple of thousand peers, because it uses quite a lot of resources.

People who want to be able to track more peers should go for the bundled XBTT tracker, which is really fast, but requires GCC and SSH access which some hosting accounts don’t offer. It can handle tens of thousands peers though, without breaking a sweat.

For those who don’t want to run their own tracker, there’s also external scrape support, which allows use with trackers from The Pirate Bay, or any other open tracker. Ratio enforcement will not work in this case of course.

We asked Povilas Musteikis, the developer of Diferior, what the most significant improvements are compared to the previous release, he told us: “Since Diferior is a multi-purpose CMS, improvements address various issues for various types of websites. I did not focus solely on, say, blogging system or torrents.”

Indeed, Diferior is more than a BitTorrent tracker, it’s also a blog, and it even has forums which now support private messaging as well. The default theme now comes with four color schemes, but since the themes are based on the widely used smarty template engine, creating your own is relatively easy.

There are really too many features to list them all here, you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in this multi functional CMS. It makes running a BitTorrent tracker more easy and fun.


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