Demonoid is Alive, The Tracker Has Returned

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It has been many weeks since the popular semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid went offline. The site's owner claimed the downtime was due to hardware issues and warned of the loss of both torrents and user data. Today, however, there is hope on the horizon, as Demonoid's tracker is now up and running again.

demonoidSince Demonoid went down in September there has been a lot of speculation about what had caused it, and how long it would take for the site to recover.

As always, Demonoid staff kept quiet about the site’s future and all its users could do is wait for a sign of life, which quietly arrived earlier today.

A few hours ago Demonoid’s tracker started to respond again. It appears that it’s still hosted in Ukraine, and although the frontend of the site hasn’t updated yet, this comeback might indicate that the site is preparing for a full return.

The current situation stirs memories of Demonoid’s downtime back in 2007. At the time the tracker also returned before the site itself became accessible again, which took two more months. Many Demonoid members are undoubtedly hoping that this chain of events will complete more quickly this time around.

Demonoid tracker is up and running


When the site returns, it’s likely that members that joined the site more recently will have to sign up again, while others may have to resubmit their torrents. “A loss of some months worth of activity including registered users and torrent submissions is to be expected,” Demonoid staff warned earlier.

The tracker’s return in itself is already being welcomed by the thousands of users whose torrent clients are not supporting trackerless torrents. Many of them might have been staring at several unfinished downloads for weeks, and now they are finally able to complete their downloads.


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