Demonoid Opens Registration during the Weekends

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The popular semi-private tracker announced that it will open its doors during the weekends. Until today Demonoid's registration was mainly "invite only".

You can get demonoid invites at

demonoidIt appears that Demonoid teamed-up with is a search engine that is buying itself into several BitTorrent sites in order to boost their alexa ranking (more on this later).

This deal brings in some extra cash for demonoid, so they are finally able to keep on growing.

At this point Demonoid already is one of the most popular public BitTorrent trackers, together with The Piratebay. As a semi-private tracker they even made it into the list of the 1000 most popular sites on the Internet (no. 983).

On demonoid we read:

We are now working in conjunction with
Among other benefits, this will allow us to open the registrations more often, as you may have noticed by messages indicating we plan to open them once a week, and will be very good for Demonoid in the long run.

Finally people can stop begging for Demonoid invites! To illustrate how desperately people want these invites, here’s a true story.


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