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Many sites support RSS feeds nowadays, but these are impossible to tweak or optimize. ReactorFeed makes it very easy to create and manage your personal torrent RSS feed, allowing you to add torrents to your BitTorrent client remotely.

reactorfeed Downloading torrents remotely can come in quite handy when you’re at work, school, in a shopping mall or at a friend’s place.

With ReactorFeed, brought to you by the people from ShareReactor, this can be done with relative ease.

Instead of downloading the torrent directly, users can simply add the torrent to their personal RSS feed. ReactorFeed supports torrents that are hosted anywhere on the web and is not restricted to one torrent site.

When added to your personal feed, the torrent will download automatically when your BitTorrent client is running at home. That is, if your favorite BitTorrent client has RSS support. Luckily, almost all popular clients do by now.

Additionally, users can choose to share their feed in public so it can be accessed by others with similar interests. For those who would rather keep their feeds private, it’s recommended to set the feed as private, since URLs of the public ones are easy to guess.

Overall, ReactorFeed is a simple but extremely useful service for those who want an easy way to add torrents to their BitTorrent client on the go.

For those looking for feeds where the torrents are added automatically based on pre-selected content, we have a tutorial for that on our side-blog FreakBits.


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