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Bye Bye FeedMyTorrents, Hello ShowRSS

This month, FeedMyTorrents finally closed down after legal threats got too much for the owners. Determined to make the shows go on, some individuals have developed a new site to fill the hole FMT left behind, and they have told TorrentFreak that they will never succumb to legal threats.

Torrent Sites Get Feedback from RSS Inventor

RSS and BitTorrent are a great match, but despite the good fit between the two technologies there is no standardized format for BitTorrent feeds. Much to the surprise of many torrent site owners, RSS inventor Dave Winer has offered a helping hand to fix this problem.

FeedMyTorrents Closes In Face of Legal Threats

FeedMyTorrents, a site which published handy RSS feeds for downloading TV-shows using BitTorrent, has closed its doors for the last time. The site went down earlier this year due to financial difficulties but following legal threats, has now closed down for good.

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