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EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, but unlike other BitTorrent sites it has no income stream. All the costs are paid out of the pockets of the site's owner, which is a costly hobby with 30 million visitors a month. So now the site is planning to roll out several new features along with a request for help from the public to come up with a new design.

eztvEZTV was founded in the spring of 2005 after some prominent TV-torrent sites were shut down. With relatively little competition it soon grew to become a household brand and the leading TV-torrent distribution group.

Today, five years later, EZTV has become one of the largest torrent sites on the Internet. With 30 million visitors a month the site is still expanding, and feature-wise the site’s owners also have plans to grow.

One of the new features currently in development is the integration of ezRSS with EZTV’s “my pages” feature. This means that users can setup an RSS feed for their favorite shows on the EZTV website, and use this feed to automatically download new shows.

However, while working on the new features EZTV’s founder realized that the site’s design could also use an overhaul. In recent months a lot of money has been invested on the hardware side, but the design has remained the same. But with some help from the public this may soon change.

“So I have started work on the EZTV codebase, getting ready to implement a whole bunch of new features we hope you will all love, and I thought it was about time to come up with a new visual style to the website,” Novaking writes in an announcement.

“Now this is where it becomes interesting, I’m terrible at graphics/design so I think this could be the best time to see what you loyal fans might be able to do in regards to taking this site to the next level of TV content,” he adds.

True to the sharing nature, the new EZTV design will be crowdsourced. People who want to help out are encouraged to submit their designs, which should be simple and support mobile devices, Google TV and tablets such as the iPad.

TorrentFreak of course asked Novaking to reveal a bit more about the upcoming features that he’s working on, but aside from the ezRSS integration he was reluctant to share his plans. EZTV users will have to be patient and wait for the new features until they are ready to be rolled out.


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