FilesTube’s Facebook Page Is Hijacked

filestubeWith more than 800,000 fans FilesTube has a massive following on Facebook.

However, since last week some random person managed to gain control over the page’s administration.

“Last Thursday FilesTube fanpage on facebook was hacked. We call all the fans and people who care about our site to help us to stop the hackers who are posting on our fanpage without any rights,” FilesTube writes on its blog.

FileTube staff told TorrentFreak that they have no idea how it happened. Thus far they have been unable to get in touch with Facebook to resolve the issue.

As a last resort, the search engine now turns to its users to resolve the issue.

FilesTube asks its “fans” to report the issue and the person who allegedly hijacked the page via Facebook’s feedback system.

More details are available at the FilesTube blog.


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