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Yahoo! Messenger Censors FilesTube Links

Censoring the Internet on behalf of the entertainment industries appears to be a growing trend. Talks about Internet blocklists, domain seizures of alleged pirate sites, and Google's proactive filter of "infringing" searches are just a few examples. Today it appears that Yahoo! has hopped on the bandwagon with its censoring…

Mediafire Starts Blocking FilesTube Search Traffic

File-hosting service Mediafire decided to block all incoming traffic from the popular media search engine FilesTube. Commenting on the move Mediafire's co-founder explains that it was a logical step as their service was never intended to be indexed in public.

Former ‘Pirate’ Site Dropped From UK Blocklist

For the first time since UK ISPs were ordered to bar pirate websites, a domain has been taken off the blocklist. Following a change in its business model last week, FilesTube is no longer viewed as a "pirate" site. With an okay from music industry group BPI, FilesTube will soon…

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