Flixtor Offline Following Mysterious Domain Updates

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The popular pirate streaming site Flixtor has become unreachable after its domain nameservers were updated Tuesday morning. Initially, the domain name's A records were removed, and later they were set to localhost, making the site unavailable. There is no sign of life from the operators which has many users worried, especially those who paid for VIP access.

Flixtor, not to be confused with the defunct torrent streaming app Flixtor, has been operating with minimal downtime. This week that changed.

On Tuesday morning the site moved away from CDN provider Cloudflare. Flixtor’s domain nameservers were changed from to those of its registrar Njalla, and the A records were removed.

As a result, anyone who tried to access the site would see an error message in their browser. After a few hours, the site added an A record, setting it to localhost (, which means that it’s still unusable.

Since the trouble started there have been no updates from the operators.

While the trouble may be due to a technical or hosting issue, it’s worth noting that Flixtor’s backup domains, including Flixtor.is and Flixtor.se, are also suffering the same problem.


TorrentFreak reached out to Flixtor’s domain registrar Njalla who noted that the domain name is technically working just fine, as it resolves to the listed IP-address. In this case, that’s an unusable address, but it suggests that any changes were made by a person in control of the domain names.

Whatever the reason may be, Flixtor’s users will have to miss their favorite streaming site, for now.

That’s especially painful for the users that paid for VIP access, which started at $14.95 per month. Some hope to get a refund, but it’s uncertain if that will ever happen.

“Refund would be great, I paid for 2 years just a few weeks ago, but I wouldn’t count on it, I guess just a learning for me to never pay anything like this anymore,” one user commented on Reddit.

While the downtime has lasted for more than three days, the site may eventually reappear. TorrentFreak has reached out to a contact address associated with Flixtor, but at the time of writing, we have yet to hear back.


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