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Constantly checking private trackers for open signups can be a drawn out task. Some open only briefly and by the time one gets a tipoff, all the places have gone and registrations are closed again. Tracker Checker 2 automatically checks chosen sites for open signups, getting you into those elusive private sites with a minimum of effort.

The Tracker Checker 2 installer is small at just under 130kb. Needing the .NET framework to run, it installs pain-free in seconds and with a click of the shortcut, it’s ready to find those elusive no-invitation-required open signups on private trackers.

The software has a clear interface and comes with around 20 trackers pre-configured and ready to check. It can sit in your system tray silently checking for open signups and alerting you when they become available.

As you can see from the screenshot below, several sites are open for registration.

Tracker Checker 2

By simply clicking on the site in the list you wish to signup to, followed by the globe icon, an instance of your web browser is launched and you are taken directly to the new account page and you are ready to signup.

Although it’ll take some time to exhaust the content available on the pre-configured trackers, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll wish to add new sites for the software to check and fortunately, this is fairly straightforward. Clicking the ‘Add’ icon brings up a box where one can enter various details;

Tracker Checker2b

Simply enter the tracker name for reference, followed by the site’s signup URL (commonly followed by a text search string. On certain sites where one signs up to a forum, ‘Desired Username’ appears on the page when signups are open, so entering this into the ‘Find String’ box produces the desired results when the ‘Positive’ match button is clicked.

If for example the signup page currently says “signups are closed’, by entering this same text into the ‘Find String’ section but selecting ‘Negative’ match, you will notified when this text does not appear – i.e when signups are open.

By using a modified trackers.xml such as that created by PyroniC, the number of trackers that can be checked is increased to around 70.

The public preview of Tracker Checker 2 is available for free download from (backup here). Don’t forget to leave some feedback for the author.

If any reader knows the signup urls for any usually closed sites, why not post them in the comments? I’m sure that the trackers.xml file can grow much bigger……


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