Uploader Slips Harry Potter Spoilers into “Evan Almighty” DVDrip

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There have been Harry Potter spoilers popping up all over the web since the 7th book was leaked before its release. Some have shown up on websites, others in e-mail signatures. The most unexpected, though, are in a DVDrip of "Evan Almighty".

The person responsible for this highly amusing surprise is Len over at netgraffiti.tk. He’s taken it one step further from posting spoilers on web pages and has managed to add some to a DVDrip of the movie “Evan Almighty”.

You might be of the opinion that it serves those nasty Harry Potter-reading pirates right. But this doesn’t have anything to with “piracy”. Fans of the book are so upset that Len’s done this, they’re posting death threats on his site. Here’s one:

Go f*** yourself

Len, if you don’t like this world and what we do, then go slit your fucking wrists rather than spoiling a perfectly good film and shocking little kids.

P.S. I work as a butcher.

Drastic, for sure. But it shows you how much people love J.K. Rowling’s books and how far they’re willing to go in order to ensure they aren’t “spoiled” before they read the book. Possibly fearing such a backlash after the leak, Rowling posted a message on her website, requesting fans not to spoil the book for others. She didn’t seem to care that people were downloading it illegally, though.

I’d like to ask everyone who calls themselves a Potter fan to help preserve the secrecy of the plot for all those who are looking forward to reading the book at the same time on publication day.

Here’s a clip from the “Evan Almighty” DVDrip with the spoilers in it. Blind dragons and book 7 spoilers ahead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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