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Miro, the Internet TV player with a built in BitTorrent client released a new version today. LegalTorrents is now added as a default site, but users are of course free to add more sites or RSS feeds to get those latest TV-episodes on your computer seamlessly.

miroFormerly known as the Democracy player, Miro is an Internet TV player that allows you to automatically download and watch the latest TV shows, video podcasts and more. The application comes with thousands of predefined channels and the latest release also support streaming sites like Hulu. More interesting though, is that it supports BitTorrent downloads as well.

Miro is especially useful for people who only use BitTorrent to download video files, since the BitTorrent client and video player are built in. The application is platform independent and open source. Although it doesn’t support some of the more advanced features other BitTorrent clients have, such as encryption, it works well enough for the average user.

With the new 2.0 release Miro has improved the user interface and added support for streaming sites. In addition, LegalTorrents was added as a default site to the sidebar, but users can add (sidebar > add) as many sites as they like. It works fine with most torrent sites, The Pirate Bay for instance, but not with sites that don’t link to the .torrent file directly, like Mininova.

It gets even more interesting when you use RSS feeds, which are a great help in automating TV-show downloads. There are several ways to import your favorite TV-shows into your download queue. Search-based RSS feeds, that relate to particular search terms, for example. If you search for ‘TorrentFreak’ the search results will have a link (the orange button) to a feed that will send you updates on all torrents that match this search term.

More convenient perhaps are sites such as FeedMyTorrent and TVRSS that offer pre-made or customizable RSS feeds for most TV-shows out there. Adding a feed to Miro is again very easy (sidebar > add feed) and it only takes a few seconds to get it up and running. Whenever a new episode is aired, it will automagically be downloaded in Miro.

To be honest, we don’t think that Miro will replace the regular BitTorrent client for most of the die-hard BitTorrent users. Nevertheless, it is the ideal tool for less BitTorrent savvy users who don’t want to be bothered with all the BitTorrent lingo.


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