“Heroes” and “Prison Break” Torrents Tracked by MiiVi.org

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The latest episodes of Heroes and Prison Break have been downloaded over a million times already. However, quite a few paranoid downloaders noticed that the .torrent files, apparently released by EZTV, were using the MiiVi.org tracker. A trap perhaps?

No, Miivi.org has nothing to do with the alleged honeypot project from MediaDefender which was hosted on MiiVi.com. On the contrary, the Miivi tracker is a project in part sponsored by The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent sites.

Initially MediaDefender, an anti-piracy organization that has been known to run fake BitTorrent trackers, had plans to use MiiVi.com for their video download site, but those plans were canceled after we posted about it.

It’s great to see that the name “Miivi” is changing into something positive now. The BitTorrent community can use another stable public tracker, especially now TorrentBox and PodTropolis have restricted access to its trackers to block peers in the US.

MiiVi.org describes itself as a tribute to the fall of MediaDefender and was registered by the people behind MegaNova. The Pirate Bay runs tracker.miivi.org which is a public BitTorrent tracker and EZTV uses tv.mivii.org for their TV-show releases.

Isn’t it ironic?

Heroes and Prison Break Torrents Tracked by MiiVi.org


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