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Our friend Niek who runs mininova posted a series of hilarious e-mails that he received from Mininova users. A sneak peek into the daily business of a BitTorrent site admin.

Mininova’s mail server handles approximately 650 incoming e-mails on an average day. Luckily, not all of them are takedown request. Some of the e-mails are actually pretty funny support questions or random rants.

It must be hard to run a popular BitTorrent site. Here are some examples, there are more at the Mininova blog.

The Fart Guy

hello please help me, i farted on the disc and it became rotten so i cleaned it with piss, then i shoved it into the ps2 but then my ps2 laser broke, what do i do, fart on it again?

No Dots Please

Why is the creator of the Bill Maher torrent file so STUPID that they start the name of the file with a period?! Dammit! Get this clue: Files that start with a period are INVISIBLE on UNIX OSs!!! I am on Mac OS X and am sick of this moronic file naming. I am going to complain until this bozo problem is stopped.

Shadowlike People

pls view the contents of this movie. ther are 3 shadowlike people in a theater making commentaries while the movie is playing. i expected a good movie, but the sound of godzilola is drowned out by the commentaries who are watching the movie


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