How To Access Wikipedia During the Blackout

googleTomorrow Wikipedia will go dark to protest the pending PIPA/SOPA anti-piracy bills.

Sort of…

As with most “blockades” there are plenty of ways to get around it.

For the Wikipedia addicts who can’t live without the beloved encyclopedia for a few hours, here are a few options gain access.

1. Disable JavaScript

Since Wikipedia’s blackout implementation uses javascript, it’s a piece of cake to bypass it. Just turn of javascript support in your browser and Wikipedia is fully accessible again.

2. Wikipedia mobile

Another option is to visit the mobile Wikipedia site, as it’s unaffected by the blackout.

3. Google cache

The third option is to use Google cache. Just search for the page you want and load it via Google cache instead of accessing the Wikipedia site directly.

4. Download Wikipedia

The last option is to just download the entire Wikipedia via BitTorrent

Blackout? I don’t think so…



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