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Every now and then I want to share a torrent with colleagues or family members who have never even heard of BitTorrent. For them even the easiest tutorials look like advanced algebra. That leaves me with two options, BitComet Lite and Bitlet. For the complete novice, sharing on BitTorrent doesn't come any easier than this.

Both methods work quite well and are pretty much idiot proof. It should be fairly easy to share a torrent with anyone who knows how to doubleclick or launch a web browser.

BitComet Lite

Most people know BitComet as a standalone BitTorrent client, but the BitComet team also offers other tools. BitComet Lite is one of them, it’s basically a small BitTorrent client with a .torrent file included. With the BitComet Lite maker you can select a torrent file to include with the application and customize it with your own graphics. The application then compiles an .exe file that you can send to your BitTorrent illiterate friends. When they open the file you shared with them they can select the download location and the file will start downloading.

It is possible to resume downloads with BitComet Lite, which is ideal for larger files that can’t be downloaded at once. The user doesn’t have to configure anything and the download speeds are pretty decent. The only limitation is that the application is for windows users only.

bitcomet lite


BitLet is a very neat web-based Java applet that allows you to download .torrent files without having BitTorrent client installed. The web based BitTorrent client is ideal to share a torrent with less tech-savvy friends. It works pretty simple, just append the link to the torrent to this url and send it to your friends, here’s an example. If people click on the link a popup window will appear, and the download starts immediately.

It is possible to resume downloads, just click on the link again and safe the file in the same location. BitLet also has a very useful code generator so you can offer BitTorrent downloads on your blog or website so that people can easily download, even when they don’t have a BitTorrent client installed.


Personally I prefer BitLet over BitComet Lite because it is costs less time and it is platform independent. The advantage of BitComet Lite to some might be that you can brand the application with your own images, which may look more professional.

Do you know of any other ways to share torrents with BitTorrent novices? Let us know and leave a comment!


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