Kim Dotcom Extradition Hearing Delayed Until 2015

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Kim Dotcom has been told that his extradition hearing will be delayed once again. The Megaupload founder will now have to wait until at least February 2015 to discover his fate, not during the next few weeks as planned.

The United States Government is keen to get its hands on Kim Dotcom. He stands accused of committing the biggest copyright-related crime ever seen through his now-defunct cloud storage site Megaupload.

But their access to the entrepreneur will have to wait.

According to Dotcom, his extradition hearing has now been delayed until February 16, 2015.

Delays and postponements have become recurring features of the criminal case being built against Dotcom in the United States.

A March 2013 date came and went without a promised hearing, as did another in November the same year, a delay which Dotcom said would “save Prime Minister John Key embarrassment during an election campaign.”

Another hearing date for April 2014 also failed to materialize and now the date penciled in for the coming weeks has also been struck down.

Dotcom also reports that he still hasn’t received a copy of the data that was unlawfully sent to the FBI by New Zealand authorities.


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