Kim Dotcom Prepares for Presidency of New Political Party

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Earlier today Kim Dotcom published a tweet suggesting he has plans to enter the political arena. TorrentFreak caught up with the Internet entrepreneur who told us that a political program has already been drafted and potential candidates are being met. If all goes to plan a brand new party will battle in the November 2014 elections.

Subjected to police raids, the closure of his Megaupload empire and the confiscation of his considerable assets, things could hardly have been worse for Kim Dotcom in January 2012.

But now, just 20 months later, the Internet entrepreneur is showing what can be done with hard work and determination. His file-hosting service is doing well and his popularity continues to rise, both online and locally with New Zealanders.

With TV appearances now becoming a regular thing, Kiwis are becoming more and more comfortable with the German-born businessman. It therefore comes as no surprise that he intends to make best use of that valuable asset.

Earlier today Dotcom published a tweet suggesting that he plans to enter the political arena.


The photograph of the magazine suggests that Dotcom might become PM, but speaking with TorrentFreak today the Mega founder told us that at least for now, that won’t be possible.

“I’m not a citizen of New Zealand and therefore I can’t be elected into Parliament myself but I can be the president of a new party,” Dotcom explained.

So, with an eye on his presidency, work is already underway to form a brand new party.

“I have created a draft political program and I am in the early stages of meeting potential candidates to join me,” Dotcom added.

The elections being eyed take place in November 2014 and Dotcom told us that leaves plenty of time to get the party registered and the program finalized. He’s hoping to attract quality candidates during the new few months.

“I’m excited about the party and I’m confident that I can help make New Zealand a significant Internet economy player. Someone needs to lead New Zealand into the future. Unfortunately the current government doesn’t know what the future looks like,” Dotcom concludes.

Significant support for Dotcom in New Zealand will be an interesting thing to behold, particularly in light of the United States’ plans for the Megaupload founder. Definitely one to watch.


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