Metal Detectors and Night-Vision Goggles Now Used To Catch Pirates

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Theaters in Canada have recently started using metal detectors and night-vision goggles to track down movie cammers. In addition, theater employees receive a $500 reward for every pirate they catch. The hunt is on!

Metal Detectors and Night-Vision Goggles Now Used To Catch PiratesEarlier this year Twentieth Century Fox came to the conclusion that Canada is the home of camcorder pirates. According to their research, over 50% off all camcorder recorded movies originate from Canada. These statistics are more fiction than fact of course, but they caused a widespread panic.

Movie theaters in Canada are now taking extreme measures to cut down this figure, even if this means less comfort for their paying customers.

Serge Corriveau, Director of the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association, highlighted some of the measures they’ve taken and told CBC: “Having people searching knapsacks and people going up and down the aisles once the movie’s started to see if they can spot somebody camcording. You can see also people with night-vision goggles searching through the crowd trying to see if they can find something.” Corriveau added that metal detectors will also be used in theaters across Canada, specifically for pre-screenings.

And if this isn’t enough, CMPDA have also introduced a reward program for theater employees. Catching pirates is a lucrative business now, as they can earn upto $500 CAD if they identify a person who’s trying to record a movie on his phone or camcorder. More details can be found in the “theater employee camcorder training guide“.

The theater owners sure do all they can to please their customers. A few days ago we reported about a 19 year old girl who was arrested by the police after she recorded a 20 second clip from the movie “Transformers” that she wanted to show to her little brother.

Thanks to the night-vision goggles I guess…


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