Mininova Down, to Return Stronger Than Ever Before

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Mininova, the leading BitTorrent search engine, has been offline for most of the day. Inevitably, BitTorrent addicts having been getting nervous, worrying about what is happening at the same time as they long for their daily fix. We have good news for them, the wait is almost over and when the site returns it will do so, fully prepared for the future.

mininovaSimilar to The Pirate Bay, Mininova is experiencing a traffic surge. Since August, the number of visitors has grown by approximately 35%, to almost 5 million every day. It come as no surprise that such an increase is stretching the limits of the hardware setup.

Over the past few months, the number of .torrent downloads have also been growing steadily. In September we reported that 10 million torrents were downloaded in a single day, but this figure quickly increased to 12 million just a few weeks later.

To cope with this growing demand, Mininova updated their server park today, and moved all the data to a brand new setup. Initially, only a few hours of downtime were expected, but Mininova co-founder Erik told us that they ran into some problems along the way. “One of the critical machines refused to boot after we transferred the data, because the table with volume information got corrupted,” Erik told us.

Erik further said that the site is coming back slowly. All the data is transferred, and they are currently tweaking the servers to get the site running smoothly again. When everything is back up again, Mininova’s setup will be more easy to scale, and totally prepared for the future – whatever that may hold.


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