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The Mininova team launched Snotr, their very own video upload service today. The site focuses on funny and interesting video clips that are SFW (safe for work) - meaning no adult content, no extreme violence and no racism.

Mininova Launched SFW Video Site SnotrIt is clear that mininova is taking a different route to their colleagues at The Pirate Bay, who said they will allow virtually anything on their upcoming video site. Mininova admin Niek told TorrentFreak: “we want to create a site that is easy to browse through with content that is SFW”.

The videos are placed in different categories such as Accidents, Animals, Cartoons and Commercials to make it more easy to discover videos you like. The downside to keeping the site clean is that all videos need to be approved by the Snotr staff before they appear on the site.

Niek stresses that it is not their goal to create the next YouTube killer, “if you’re looking for a place to dump your videos, stick to those sites. But in case you have some spare time to spend, try Snotr ” he adds.

Snotr had some really great features that other video services lack such as a slidebar for real-time video resizing, a clean interface and the possibility to upload high quality content. On the other hand, Snotr does not (yet) have an embed feature to share the videos on your website or blog (update, they have now).

Check out Snotr.


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